• Compact Motor Options
  • The original JSP/FSP/FDP pumps!
  • Robust Open impellers can handle food particles
  • Multiple Motor Options

    Fire Sprinklers

  • 300SS shafts to fight corrosion
  • Pressures up to 88psig
  • All Stainless wet components
  • Tested prior to shipment so you can count on a great startup!


  • Several motor options available
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Seal Options to fit your refrigerant
  • Pressures up to 120psi

    Keg Washers

  • 3A 1.5" connections available with SSP/C
  • EPR seals and o-rings available
  • Washdown Duty motor option
  • Smooth and quiet operation

    Parts Washer

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation available
  • Hard Faced Seal Options
  • All Stainless wet components
  • Robust nozzles for vertical mounting

    Booster Systems

  • Pressures up to 115 psig
  • VFD capable motors available
  • NEMA Premium efficient motor options
  • ODP, TEFC, Washdown motor options available
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