Job Opening- Manufacturing Manager

Job Summary:

This is an opportunity to make an important contribution to a successful, small manufacturing company in Carson, CA. The Manufacturing Manager will ensure efficient production of our products by using lean manufacturing techniques to continuously improve processes, while adhering to ISO 9001:2015 requirements. 


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Sales order OTD ≥ 95% each year
  • Internal work order OTD ≥ 90% each year
  • Annual improvement of process time for pumps and component parts
  • Improve engagement of shop floor employees with continuous improvement activities
    1. Measured by employee suggestions and $ savings from improvement activities
  • Maintain a warrantable return rate < 0.5% of products shipped


Key Job Tasks: 

Production Management

  • Drive continuous improvement within production
    • Meet production requirements: measured with on-time performance and 1st Pass yield data
    • Shop Personnel Performance: measured with actual vs. estimated time requirements
    • Controlling and minimizing overtime work required
  1. Produce measurable data (goals vs. actual) to document performance
      • Manage and publish production metrics (OTD, scrap, efficiency, yield)
  1. Apply lean manufacturing methods to improve efficiency, shop ergonomics, and reduce waste
  • Attend Management Review meetings to improve overall performance of company
  • Monitor work orders (including routers and BOM’s) and report incorrect documents
  • Ensure proper procedures are documented and followed throughout Manufacturing Dept


Manage Shop Floor Employees and Shipping Department to Meet Production Schedules

  • Manage shipping/receiving and other shop employees to ensure the shop floor operates efficiently, safely and to our quality standards.
    1. Meet or exceed customer ship dates (Goal = 95% on-time performance)
    2. Performance reviews of subordinates (shop employees)
      • Compile performance data and attendance records collected from ERP bar coding system. Assemble this data with non-measured inputs to complete yearly reviews
    3. Maintain the safety of ASP employees
    4. Facilitate 5S activities and improvements
  • Monitor the Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Develop and manage employees to prepare them for long term success at ASP


Inventory Management

  • Adjust minimum/safety quantities when needed
  • Manage cycle counts as needed to maintain accurate inventory
  • Correct discrepancies between on-hand and reported quantities
  • Ensure material issued to the work order 


Implement Quality Program 

  • Implement every aspect of Quality Program into production
  • Develop, maintain and update document control for manufacturing procedures and processes
  • Monitor work orders (including routers and BOM’s) and revise incorrect documents.
  • Monitor 1st Pass Data and Review with Quality Manager



  • Oversee safety program implementation, shop organization and 5S implementation
  • Conduct Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Conduct Yearly Safety Drills to confirm shop employees’ knowledge of disaster procedures
  • Update and maintains safety manual and all safety documents


Shipping and Receiving

  • Ensure completed products reach the shipping department on time
  • Work with receiving to properly stock and organize the S/R areas to improve work flow


Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years managing experience in a production/manufacturing environment
    1. Leadership skills: inspire team to improve and excel
    2. 3+ years experience applying Lean Manufacturing principles (Kaizen, Kanban, Single Piece Flow, 5S) 
    3. Experience with production planning 
  • Mechanically inclined
    1. Experience with lathes, presses, mills and other shop machinery
    2. Knowledge of machine functionality
  • Computer Skills
    1. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel / Word / Access / Outlook
    2. Basic knowledge and experience with
      • Resourcefulness and research capability using the internet
      • ERP/MRP systems
      • Microsoft Power BI and Power Automate
  • Good written and language skills. English proficient. Prefer experience with the following:
    1. Creating work instructions
    2. ISO internal audit reports
  • Experience working in an ISO 9001 manufacturing environment
    1. Experience performing ISO9001 internal audits
  • General
    1. Must be able to balance many tasks and prioritize
    2. Excellent organization skills
    3. Punctual and responsible

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