SPV-Vertical Pump

AAA SPV Pumps3

Excellent for use in part washers!

-Flow Rates to 240-gpm

-System pressures up to 125 psig

-Impellers up to 5.75″ in diameter

-1/2 through 5 horsepower motors

-Service in both 50 and 60-Hz.

-Stainless steel casing and impellers

-No mechanical seal

-Custom lengths available

-Size 1 (C1) 1.25″ NPT suction & 1.0″ NPT discharge nozzles

-Size 2 (C2)  2.0″ NPT suction & 1.5″ NPT discharge nozzles

The model SPV makes our SSP/C models available as a vertical pump. The internal pump components are the same reliable parts found in our SSP/C models.

Our precision machined column & cast motor adapters offer a high quality stainless product at an affordable price.

Our extended shaft design allows for use with a standard 56J frame motor, available off the shelf in a pinch. Open impellers are available.